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Dr. Josh Kinder



Dr. Josh Kinder is the co-owner and primary Veterinarian at Clifton Hollow Animal Hospital. He grew up in Spokane, WA with his mother and two older siblings. He became a Veterinarian because he has always wanted to help those who do not have the voice to help themselves. This call to help stemmed from the fact that many of his family’s pets were adopted from local animal shelters. From childhood he has had a close bond with animals - even rescuing insects from his childhood home - and has always wanted to be an advocate for animals and the needs of their pet parents.

He did not take the traditional path to veterinary school, if there really is such a thing as “traditional”. After high school he joined the US Navy, lived in Hawaii for 4 years, and traveled the Pacific Rim. When his time in the Navy had come to an end, he began focusing on his dream of going to college. He could have chosen any other career path, but he still had the strong desire to help animals and knew Veterinary Medicine was where he was meant to be. He was accepted to Washington State University (Go Cougs!) and was able to acquire his undergraduate degree, as well as his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.

Veterinary medicine has changed a lot over the last decade. Dr. Kinder still does give vaccines and performs spays/neuters, but a lot more of what Veterinarians do today is similar to human doctors -- diagnosing disease, using advanced technology, and treating patients as we would a family member. He believes the best way to keep our pets healthy is preventing disease before it begins. For example, with proper care of pets’ teeth, we can essentially eliminate dental disease. In the Pacific Northwest, we see so many pets with itchy skin. Dr. Kinder loves to use his knowledge of dermatology to make pets’ skin much more comfortable.

From Dr. Josh Kinder:

My beautiful wife, Sherri Kinder, and I have four sons and two daughters along with our senior indoor kitty, Joel McHale. When we are not at work we really enjoy spending our time outdoors. Our family believes a solid work ethic is extremely important, and for us it all begins with a healthy work out routine. Whether it is camping, hiking, or skiing if we can be out in the sun that is where you will find us. We live in such a beautiful area of the country — there is never enough time to explore all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. While I love being a Veterinarian, spending time with family is the most important part of my life, and on Sundays you will find us at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Parish in Bremerton.

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