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James Epperson

Veterinary Assistant

James is one of our valued Veterinary Assistants and has become a loyal team member for over 5 years! He is originally from Seattle, Washington and became a veterinary assistant because of his love for animals. He started working with a local Veterinarian in the Silverdale area. There, he was given the chance to start at a small hospital and learn the trade – cleaning kennels and holding animals. Now, over 18 years later, he is where he wants to be doing what he loves to do – working with people and animals.

As a veterinary assistant, James gets to work with animals. From taking vital signs and obtaining blood samples to helping with professional dental cleanings and assisting the Veterinarian during surgeries, he loves helping animals get and stay healthy.

James and his wife Machelle have been married for over 39 wonderful years. They have four grown children – his oldest daughter Christine (she and her husband, Josh, have given them 3 grandchildren Isaiah, Orion, and Cadense), his oldest son James Jr. (he and his wife, Theresa, have given them 2 grandchildren, JT and Ben), his son Justin (he and his wife Vivianne have given them 2 grandchildren, Alice and Lucus) and his daughter Heather.

James has a houseful of furry family members including chickens, turkeys, cows, pigs, dogs, a cat, fish and a Bearded Dragon. He loves hiking – he has hiked to the top of Mt. St. Helens and has hiked 50 milers with his sons in Scouts. He also loves learning languages, and is dabbling in Japanese (his mother is Japanese and that’s all she spoke while he was growing up) and German. James is young at heart and likes playing Pokémon Go.

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